We get loads of questions from people just like you. Often times these questions are the same as the ones you have. Here is a listing of the questions we get asked most frequently.

Q. I think I have a virus/spyware, how can I tell?
A. If you're experiencing frequent crashes of your browser or even windows, getting many pop-up windows while surfing the web, slow performance or notice that you are unable to change some system settings even though you have administrative rights you most likely have virus' and spyware (commonly called 'malware') on your system.

Q. How long will it take to remove the virus/spyware?
A. Generally speaking, one hour is sufficient to remove the virus and install an Anti-Virus application. If the computer is not current with Microsoft updates, is extremely infected, or has other malware such as spyware affecting it, it may need more in-depth attention.

Q. Can you come to my home/office?
A. Yes. Most problems can be fixed with a visit by the technician. If you prefer, we also offer pick-up/drop-off service, at no extra charge.

Q. How much do you charge to come to my home/office?
A. Depending on your location there may not be a travel fee, commonly called a 'trip charge'. We do however service all of Broward and much of Dade and Palm Beach county. Please contact us for full service boundaries.

Q. Do you sell new Computer Systems?
A. Yes. We offer a full range of Computer Systems specifically tailored to your needs. Whether your're a Graphic Artist or the Conqueror of your Video Game World, we can build a system around your needs.

Q. Do you sell upgrade and/or replacement parts?
A. We use several national parts distributors which allows us to get virtually any part for your system. Whether it's upgrades or replacements, Gold Coast has you covered!

Q. My computer is running slow...why?
A. There are a variety of factors affecting the 'speed' of a computer. Spyware and Virus' steal resources, slowing the performance. Many installed applications set themselves to start at boot-time (even if the application doesn't need to be running) which uses resources. Newer applications tend to be larger and more feature packed which can take more system resources to run. Many of these problems can be fixed with a simple 'tune up' of the system. Often times, an inexpensive RAM upgrade will alleviate the symptoms as well. Contact us for details.

Q. Do you work on weekends/holidays/after hours?
A. Our 'official' hours are M-F 10a - 7p however, we understand that not all computers are on our schedule nor are all homes and businesses. We work with you to find a time that is best to get your computer up and running as quickly as possible. If that means a late night or Sunday afternoon, that's not a problem in the least.


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